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Landscaping Services in Orcutt CA
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Elite Landscaping Services in Orcutt, CA

We are a top-rated servicing company offering premier landscaping design/build and maintenance services. Ever wonder what the best time for beautifying your lawn is? Autumn and fall are the seasons when your yard undergoes significant visual changes. It is the best time to call professionals and let them restore your property to its previous glory. 

Refresh your commercial property with the help of our professional landscaping services in Orcutt, CA. Flower beds, mixed-height plantings, shrubs, and decorative trees are among the landscape modifications we specialize in, ensuring that your grounds are healthy and vibrant all year. You may put down your gardening tools, relax on the porch with a nice cup of tea, and let us manage the yard, air, yard cleanup, and more if you need us to.

Our Mission

We create and implement a highly effective landscape management plan to preserve your commercial property while making it safe. We give special attention to our client's feedback as we believe that they play a vital role in establishing a company's overall reputation.

Our Vision

We are always keen to improve the quality of our landscaping services in Orcutt, CA, and we strive our best to identify clients' needs. Our team is available to take great care of your garden maintenance tasks, ensuring that your garden is maintained.

Our Services

What We Offer

Tree Services

Everybody knows that cutting a tree from its roots requires specialized machinery and skills, involving multifaceted calculations and other complexities. We offer lawn maintenance services, including tree trimming.

Lawn Edging

Bro’s Landscape provides comprehensive and best-in-class lawn edging services in Orcutt, CA, including mowing, planting, landscape design, mulching, spring cleanup, etc.


We handle every facet of landscape maintenance for various business and residential clients. We offer the best landscaping services in Orcutt, CA. Cleanup, hardscapes, and erosion control are just a few services our technicians excel at.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each variety of grass demands a varied height; however, unless the customer requests otherwise, we always cut the grass as tall as feasible. This, in turn, inhibits weeds and aids in maintaining a healthy lawn!
You’ll need an inch of rain per week to keep your lawn healthy during this time of year. You should sprinkle water for one hour during a dry spell after every five days. Irrigation is your first line of defense against turf disease and damage, and it will aid in the recovery of your grass.
You have complete freedom over the design. Our landscaping professionals will advise you based on their years of experience, but we will always try to meet the needs that you have for your home.
In our opinion, weekly service is often recommended to keep your lawn manageable, attractive, and healthy. We can change service intervals as needed during a dry period.
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Service that is both convenient and cost-effective

We understand that you have varied options regarding your lawn maintenance. Bro’s Landscaping Services performs the work right, providing you peace of mind that your lawn is getting the best care possible.

It's the experience that counts.

For the past many years, we’ve been improving lawns and landscapes. We will care for your yard like we want someone to treat ours. Countless consumers have praised our service quality during this time and are eager to do business with us again.
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About Us

We are a top-rated servicing company offering premier landscape design/build and maintenance services. Ever wonder what the best time for beautifying your lawn is? The Autumn .
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